5 New Year’s Eve Activities For Kids

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Do you need New Year’s Eve activities for kids but have no idea what to do for fun? You have come to the right place! These are simple and fun activities you can do to get your kids excited for the New Year as well as get their bodies moving to get them sleepy for bedtime!

new year's eve fireworks

Get Active Inside!

This has been a rough week for us in New York because it has been below zero and the kids can not play outside like they usually do. I’ve been coming up with all kinds of games they can do to let out all their steam!

Balance Tree

Make a balance game out of duck tape on the floor. It doesn’t have to be beautiful for the kids to love it. Our family does holiday crafts during Christmas break week so the tree can stay on the floor for a while. You can also make starburst fireworks if the tree is not your cup of tea. There are a few games you can play with the balance tree. I cranked the music up and the kids were able to play with this for over half an hour. They also came back to it over the days so I’m keeping it on the floor for a while!

  1. Have the kids balance on the lines with alternating feet without falling off.
  2. Play follow the leader. I have the kids follow me in and out of the tree branches and do silly moves for them to copy.
  3. Add “snowballs aka cotton balls” and place them on the tree and have the kids jump over them without touching other snowballs.
  4. Add in some fine motor by having the kids decorate the tree with whatever you have on hand. I had them use kid tweezers and place the snowballs, balled up wrapping paper, and Christmas erasers on the tree.

balance tree

Fun Game Using Your Mouth!

Have pieces of leftover tinsel or wrapping paper left over? Did you know that a child can expel their energy by using their mouth to blow things? Amazing right!

Cut straws to a half length and make a finish line with duck tape (check out the fun patterns here!).

-Have races with siblings to get the wrapping paper ball across the finish line the fastest

-Have the kids blow balls into certain targets

-Blow the balls into targets by blowing the wrapping paper ball from their hands

wrapping paper balls

Room Cleaning Party

I don’t know if its just me but I like to start fresh January 1 and when the kids room look like a blizzard just rolled through it makes me a little anxious. So make this room clean up fun and quick.

  1. First find a new home for all of the new holiday stuff your kids got. Unpack it and set it all up to make sure you have enough room for it all.
  2. Then organize everything together in bins with easy accessibility for your kids. Bins are great for kids because they know exactly where things go and it keeps the room organized. Click here for my favorite bins.
  3. Of course I must add you need to have a dance party clean up because its all the rage!

clean up room

Ring In The New Year

We like to do a little cheers with the kids early on in the evening with some juice and do the Netflix countdowns. The kids can get dressed up in whatever they want and we get out our fancy plastic cups and put juice in them. The kids always get excited even at 8:00pm (we just say its midnight!). We cook little appetizers and have a food party in the living room while we do a cheers with our fancy cups during the Netflix countdown. There are a bunch of different character countdowns to choose from too! We usually do a few because the kids think its so fun.

new year's eve

Goals For The New Year

The kids write and draw whatever goals they want for next year. Make up categories to help them such as something  I want to learn how to do this year, something I want to do to help others, and something fun I want to do. This is great to get those creative juices flowing and the kids can practice their fine motor skills on vacation whether it be writing out the goals or drawing pictures. My kids also love cutting so I take out old magazines and they cut out things they want to add to their goal drawing. These are fun to save and check back on during the year to work on what the kids wanted to achieve.

kids writing new years goals

I hope you and your family ring in the New Year with fun and joy. Happy New Year! Subscribe to my newsletter to receive over 25 deep pressure activities to try with your kids to get their energy out as well as entire resource library only available to subscribers!

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