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Hi! I’m Amanda the creator of Anchors Away, Mommy! I’ve always wanted to write out my ideas and share with my readers my unique expertise in occupational therapy with my speacility in pediatrics.  I went from working full time as a pediatric occupational therapist to staying home with the kids in July 2017 which has been a big change that I have wanted to happen since all my kids were born. I miss the occupational therapy aspects of my job so this blog gives me the chance to help others while at the same time educating and supporting parents with fun and educational activities along with a funny side from my mommyhood section.

We are a Navy military family and are originally from Maine. We have lived at the following duty stations; Brunswick, Maine, Virginia Beach, VA, Oahu, Hawaii, and New Hartford, NY.  All of our family is in Maine so we pack up the van with a million things and our three munchkins and drive to Maine to visit home a lot.

Tim and I have been together since my junior year of high school. We met at the bowling alley I worked at as a teenager. He proposed the following year at my senior prom after he had been in the Navy for one year. We have been through many major life changes from military life, five years of college for me to get my master’s in occupational therapy studies, and now having three kids. Our life is anything but peaceful but I wouldn’t have it any other way! The kids are energetic, funny, and crazy! Bryce is 6, Evelyn is 3, and Landon is 20 months. I love staying home with my kids now. I also love Moscato and hiding in the bathroom with chocolate when times get tough(the kids always seem to find me though)!

My passion for this blog is to help other parents find joy in watching their child develop and grow with fun strategies and activities to try from my blog.  I hope you enjoy the blog and subscribe!

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