How To Put More Meaning Into Gift Giving And Spend Less

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I’m sure we have all done it in the past while shopping for Christmas presents… Oh I think Davey will like this toy,  and you throw the toy in the cart without second guessing yourself if he will really play with this toy more than once in his life.

Everyone seems to be so stressed during the holiday season with all the hustle and bustle however, it is really easy to slow down with planning ahead and not worrying about what everyone else thinks (even your in-laws!). Try to give more from the heart this year rather than spend a ton of money so your kid has more “things” to unwrap. Putting more meaning into gift giving can bring that charm of the holiday season back instead of just believing Christmas is all commercialized.

Putting meaning into gifts

How To Pick Out Gifts With Meaning

This year I really thought about my kids and paid attention this year. I asked them to put what they wanted from the toy catalog on their list but I had some other ideas up my sleeve. I’ve listened to little things they have said during the year, paid attention to things they carry around the house or protect with their life as not to injure their toy, or things they seem genuinely interested in.

I found a special Beatbo doll for my son who carries the large plastic one around everywhere he goes because he loves him so much, a Barbie doll with twins my daughter has been talking about for half the year, and games my son has been playing at friends’ houses and on the free version on his Ipad but so desperately has wanted the full version. I did buy them a few other gifts but I feel like those gifts will be there favorites and bring the most meaning.

Thinking about all my nieces and nephews this year I wanted to do something more meaningful for gifts because like I said I was “guessing” on what each of the kiddos would like and hope they would enjoy the present.

So I racked my brain and looked at Pinterest for a while and thought why not make travel pillows for all the kids! I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of making things that are loved and useful. If the toy is going to fall apart in a few months why even bother buying it unless it will bring insurmountable joy to the child?

So, I asked all the moms about their kiddo’s favorite character/animal/sport and picked out 11 different fabrics! After I finish all the mini travel pillows I might have time for a few travel games or homemade playdoh. We will see when it comes to crunch time at the end! Check out my Pinterest “I Love Christmas” board to find all the ideas I’ve been creating this year (I made different items for all the parents this year too).

Here Are Some Questions To Ask Yourself To Find A Perfect Gift:

What are their favorite things?

What do they use every day/play with?

Do they talk about something they want to do/see/try?

Is there anything they already have but it could be updated/revamped/or you can get a new one?


meaning into gifts


The Easiest Way To Start Planning Out Gifts:

  1. Write everyone’s name down on a piece of paper you need to get something for and how much you want to spend on the child or adult
  2. Brainstorm ideas for each individual person or a bunch of kids (such as I did above with the pillows)
  3. If it is a DIY idea make a template for supplies, how to make it, and a timeline to finish it all
  4. If it’s at the store look around for deals. I have scored major savings on Ibotta this year! Read my post On How To Save Money With Ibotta, for how to use the app and save a lot of money this holiday season.

Ideas For Gifts With Meaning

Kids love unique gifts that are unlike anything else they might get. Try out some of these toys or search in the similar categories to find something your child would be interested in and totally surprised they got! You could also buy passes to your local indoor play area, zoo, or anything the child might enjoy if you can’t find a toy. Making gifts saves a lot of money and will put a smile on any kid’s face when they see the face of a character they love!

Meaningful gifts are a way to bring joy back to Christmas and not make it all about “stuff”. Read my post on Making New Holiday Traditions to add that extra special sparkle to your holidays.

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