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A Unique Gift Giving Guide For Kids

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Don’t you ever get sick of buying the same old things for all the kids on your list? Here is a unique gift guide for all those children on your list you may be stumped to buy for however want to buy something meaningful and special!

Room Accessories

These are awesome night lights for your kids’ rooms! You can keep it on all night or turn it off with a remote so you don’t have to go into your kids’ room. Check out these night lights featured with projection as well; a monster truck, holiday theme, and a plane. Try these if your child is having difficulty staying in their room at night!


What kiddo wouldn’t love to decorate a Lego light switch? Any little Lego lover can customize it however they want with their own design and creations. It’s also a great fine motor activity!

Who doesn’t love a food pillow! This company has a whole line of sweets that are made into pillows. This cupcake pillow is a favorite of my daughter and its super soft and squishy so she likes to jump on it and play with her dolly on it.

Developmental Toys

These fun beads pop together and you can make all kinds of jewelry and items. These pop beads were a big thing in my childhood and when I found these I got so excited! These are also a great fine motor activity for any child who needs to develop more strength in their hands.

These suction cup toys are very fun! You can stick them together to make things, stick them on surfaces that are smooth, and a great fine motor toy. The things I have seen kids make with these suction cups is amazing. I love how the kids use their imaginations with these fun little toys.

What kid doesn’t love space and astronauts! You can stack the magnetic wooden pieces to assemble the rocket ship. It also helps strengthen fine motor skills, cognition, and imagination to name a few great attributes!

Games and Puzzles

Kanoodle is not only great for kids to use their brain but adults can even be challenged too! There are over 100 different games you can play with just this set and it makes a great stocking stuffer due to its compact size.

Trying to find a family board game that is fun for everyone? Check out Ninja Squirrel! Its fun for all ages 6 and up and anything with ninja moves is a sure way to make family game night fun!

Look at this Ferris wheel puzzle! It looks so intricate but easy to make with kids 8 years and up. You can also put batteries in it to actually make it move and play music after you have finished putting the pieces together! Check out the Ferris wheel puzzle for hours of fun!

Stocking Stuffers

Who doesn’t need some super strong magnets that are also funny little people! These little guys can hold all sorts of items and are super strong. Your kids will love to put their artwork up on the fridge with them and you can even add faces to them!


Turn a balloon into a balloon helicopter with this set that includes 12 pieces! You can even decorate the wings and make it your own and race the balloons. The balloons can fly up to two stories high!

I love Wikki Stix! These sticks are so fun to play with and can be educational if you have your kiddos trace their names, shapes, or make their own creations. I use them in therapy sessions with kiddos all the time and the sticks are a big hit. I also put them in my diaper bag for the kids to play with at restaurants or when we are shopping. Buy a bundle of Wikki Stix to put in all of your kids stockings!

I hope this unique gift guide has given you some great ideas for the kiddos on your list. The great thing about Amazon Prime as well is everything I recommended is free 2 day shipping approved! Go on and finish that Christmas list of yours so you can relax for the rest of December! Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping! You can also find read my post on Making New Holiday Traditions here!


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